Lightweight integrated ASP.NET components for Visual Studio

DbNetSuiteVS is a set of lightweight integrated AJAX enabled ASP.NET components for creating web applications that interface with the database and file systems.


The evaluation download is fully functional for 30 days and includes the following:

Version Release Date  
DbNetSuiteVS 1.1 August 2012 Download

Latest DLL builds

If you have an existing DbNetSuiteVS implementation you can upgrade to the latest build by downloading the DLL an extracting into your application bin folder

Version Release Date  
5 May 2021 Download
Build Changes
5017 Prevented opening of Upload dialog for a different field when upload already in progress.

Visual Studio

If you would simply like to add DbNetSuiteVS directly to your Visual Studio application you can do so with the Nuget package manager.

To install DbNetSuiteVS in Visual Studio, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package DbNetSuiteVS