ASP.NET Ajax components

DbNetSuite is a set of lightweight integrated AJAX enabled ASP.NET components for creating web applications that interface with the database and file systems.

DbNetFile is an ASP.NET document management control that is part of DbNetSuite and provides a web-based interface to the file system. DbNetFile provides the ability to search designated areas of the file system and view or download selected content.

Comprehensive searching

DbNetFile includes a powerful search dialog that allows you to find documents based on their content and attributes. DbNetFile supports both Windows Indexing Service and its successor Windows Search that enable searching on file content and an extended set of file attributes. For example, with Windows Search you are able to search against images based on their dimensions and not just their size. For a complete list if file attributes supported by Windows Search click here.

Document viewing

By default documents are viewed in the file preview dialog. In addition to viewing the file the user also has options to print, copy, download or view in a full window.


DbNetFile provides programmatic access to files and because of this can easily control which files are listed or accessed and by who. Simplified access control based on your own business rules can be implemented quickly and easily without needing to understand complex operating system file access protocols.