ASP.NET Ajax components

DbNetSuite is a set of lightweight integrated AJAX enabled ASP.NET components for creating web applications that interface with the database and file systems.


The evaluation download is fully functional for 30 days and includes the following:

Version Release Date  
DbNetSuite.4.4.7840 5 May 2021 Download

Latest DLL builds

If you have an existing DbNetSuite implementation you can upgrade to the latest build by downloading the DLL an extracting into your application bin folder

Version Release Date 5 May 2021 Download
Build Changes
7840 Fixed Frozen columns/Multi-row select bug
7810 Added support export to server folder
7790 Added support for configurable plugin folder
6923 Fixed error in linking DbNetCombo controls in MVC mode
6840 Added profile reset functionality to User Profile selection
6819 Fixed issue relating to sort indicator following column sort dialog selection
Added message configuration ability to onRecordDeleted event
6811 Fixed issue relating to running Oracle stored procedure using client-side methods
6775 Fixed issue relating to linked controls and auto row selection suppression
6687 Fixed issue relating to default search operator
6634 Fixed EditLayoutColumns bug relating to hidden edit columns.
Fixed EditColumnOrder bug
Allowed nulls for NOT NULL database column if default value defined
6561 Added InlineEditToolbarButtonLocation property to allow alignment of inline edit apply/cancel buttons to the left.
6472 Added searchFormat property.
Fixed search dialog default operator assigment bug
6436 Fixed mail-merge error when including custom jQuery library.
6375 Fixed sizing issue when re-opening TinyMCE HTML editor dialog.
6350 Added new autoSave property which will cause the edit control to attempt to automatically save and changes when moving to a new record.
6288 Fixed bug relating to clearing of child grids when using an Oracle database
6265 Added support for null value selection in column filters
Fixed bug relating to column renaming and quick/simple search
6241 Fixed parent filter parameter naming issue when linking/nesting controls
6206 Added new DbNetGrid cellIndex method
Added new inline property to arguments for onBeforeFilePreview event.
6145 Fixed bug when using "in" search operator with values that contain a comma.
Fixed bug to respect user defined column ordering in search and edit dialogs unless searchColumnOrder or editColumnOrder have been specified.
6094 Optimised export file size when OptimizeExportForLargeDataSet is set to true.
6079 Set encoding for exported reports to be UTF-8
5910 Fixed bug relating to re-selection a file with the same name in the upload dialog
Fixed bug relating to GUID foreign keys being made readonly
5905 Fixed content-disposition in DbNetFile display action
Improved support for Sybase date searching
Added support for suppression of default label generation
5867 Added session state optimisation
Altered drop-down list behaviour for required column when database value does not appear in list (to be consistent with 3.x)
5853 Fixed HTML encoding bug in custom export
5849 Optimised DbNetGrid initialisation where no rows are initially selected
Fixed button sizing problem in addToolbarButton method
Added support for onpaste event in search dialog
5832 Added support for Transaction Isolation Level on MS SQL connections
Fixed bug relating to OutputCurrentPage and XML/CSV formats
Added support for onpaste event in search dialog
5822 Fixed bug when selecting XML/CSV format in custom save mode
Removed exclusive lock from session state to improve concurrent performance
5815 Fixed bug in searchLookup when using JavaScript array
Fixed formatting problem in copy to clipboard for IE 11
5765 Added cancel property to the onSearchDialogApply event to allow search to be cancelled.
5731 Fixed copy to clipboard performance issue
5699 Added searchColumnOrder and editColumnOrder properties to allow customisation of column ordering in the search and edit dialogs
Fixed bug relating to filtering with the MS SQL Server "Date" column type
5683 Fixed issue with selection of default profile
5681 Fixed issue with date picker when multiple search dialogs are open
5671 Fixed issue with lost column when columnPicker set to false
Fixed issue with population of dependent drop-down list based on foreign key in insert mode
5650 Fixed error related to introduction of Having property
5583 Made audit summary information part of the non-scrolling area in DbNetGrid Edit dialog
Added new columnPicker column property to allow columns to be hidden from the Column Picker dialog
Added new default property to the User Profile dialog to allow a user profile to be designated as default and loaded automatically after initialisation
Added new messageTimeout property to control the duration a message is displayed before clearing
5568 Added support for HTML5 drag and drop uploads
5559 Added translation to dialog close button tooltip
Fixed uploaded file type icon rendering error for non-image files
Fixed data type error in free text filter column searching against a column with lookup
5499 Added new onPageLoadError to DbNetGrid to allow for customisation of server-side error handling
5479 Added support for jQuery 1.9 and 2.x when using DbNetSuitejQueryNoInclude
5456 Surfaced ThumbnailInfo class to allow interogation of uploaded files before record is committed
5404 Added support for SQL 'having' clause in DbNetGrid
5377 Added support for VistaDB version 5
5317 Added new CaseInsensitiveSearch property to provide support for case-insensitive database searching
Fixed error relating to renamed columns used for column filtering
5281 Fixed error in DbNetFile calendar
5247 Fixed missing thead section in grid table
5134 Fixed User Profile restore error relating to a saved advanced search
5082 Suppressed selection of hidden primary key columns from view when auto-generating columns
5079 Fixed IE browser detection issue for IE11.
5056 Fixed bug in file upload causing file name to be returned as a GUID instead of the file name.
5054 Fixed issue with assigment of UserCulture property
Supressed selection of first option in lookup dialog when no value has been set.
5031 Fixed issue with header cell construction when exporting to Excel when the property OptimizeExportForLargeDataSet is set to true.
5029 Added ExportFileName property to DbNetGrid to allow the download file name for the exported grid to be specified.
5022 Fixed bug in DbNetFile related to selecting a file from search results
Added support for file and folder filtering in DbNetFile with the FileFilter and FolderFilter properties.
4982 Extended search options of between, less than and greater than to cover alphanumeric columns.
4965 Fixed ColSpan bug when GroupHeader property used in conjunction with InlineEditToolbarLocation = Top.
Added support for auditing of record deletion when using the Audit property.
4958 Fixed bug relating to expression used in conjunction with the GroupHeader property.
Added support for Data URI scheme to improve image render performance
4892 Fixed bug relating to export when using the OptimizeForLargeDataSet property.
4876 Added a new frozenColumns property which allows a specified number of columns to be frozen against which the remaining columns can be scrolled horizontally.
4871 Adding caching to improve performance of client-side columnValue method for pages with large numbers of rows.
Encoded HTML sent to server when using CustomSave property to prevent request validation errors.
4867 Added support to DbNetEdit/DbNetgrid for one-way hashing of values saved to the database via the Encryption property.
Added GridData property to DbNetGrid to allow suppresion of grid data selection for a column only used for searching/editing.
4853 Added MultiValueLookupSelectStyle property to DbNetEdit/DbNetgrid to allow checkbox style selection of multiple lookup values.
Added support for legacy addToolbarbutton and toolbarElement methods in 3.x compatability mode.
4849 Added UploadRename property and onbeforefileuploadvalidate event to DbNetEdit/DbNetgrid to enable user and programatic file renaming as part of the upload process.
4790 Added OptimizeExportForLargeDataSet property to DbNetgrid to provide an optimized method of exporting very large numbers of records (100,000+).

Visual Studio

If you would simply like to add DbNetSuite directly to your Visual Studio application you can do so with the Nuget package manager.

Click here for full instructions on how to get started with DbNetSuite

To install DbNetSuite in Visual Studio, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package DbNetSuite

MVC Demo

If you want to see how to make DbNetSuite part of an MVC application you can download an example package that demostrates this with sample pages running against the Northwind database. We recommend installing the package into an "empty" MVC 3 application.

PM> Install-Package DbNetSuite.Mvc.Demo

To view the application running click here