ASP.NET Ajax components

DbNetSuite is a set of lightweight integrated AJAX enabled ASP.NET components for creating web applications that interface with the database and file systems.

GoldMine Integration

DbNetSuite provides a quick and easy way to add a feature rich web-based interface to 3rd party data sources that integrates right into the heart of your GoldMine® application via the GM+View tab.

With DbNetSuite you can add the following capabilities:
  • Comprehensive search options ranging from simple single field to full combined relational queries that provides a user-friendly interface to the full power of SQL.
  • Sorting. Single-click and nested levels.
  • Printing. Print data directly a printer.
  • Copy data to the clipboard.
  • Create dynamic charts.
  • Export to HTML, Word, Excel, PDF and XML formats
  • Record editing. Insert, update and delete.
  • Link or nest grids together in the same view to create powerful drill-down reporting.

DbNetSuite is server based so deployment and support issues are kept to a minimum. Licensing is also very straight forward with a requirement only for a single server license. There is no per-seat licensing which means you can have any number of GoldMine clients using this solution on a single license.

For more information on the features of DbNetSuite click here, for online demos click here.

You can also download a fully functional evaluation copy of DbNetSuite here.

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